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In 2008, A Giving Spirit Foundation (AGSF) was founded by a Davidson mother who had been diagnosed with ALS.  She was grateful for the care, love and support she received from her friends and family, but was saddened to think that other women in our community might not have the same support network she had.

She knew she could help.


AGSF was founded to allow these women who had received devastating news, to focus on their families and their health rather than their mounting bills.  The foundation provides grants to help local mothers pay for housing, utilities, household expenses and medical bills.

They need us. We need you. 


A Giving Spirit Foundation began when two local mothers were given financial assistance and since then, with each passing year, AGSF continues to support more and more mothers in need.  Since 2008, AGSF has provided nearly $400,000 in grants, that's 400+ mothers in our area in order to focus on their family, focus on getting better, and have relief from the financial stress and burden that comes with a debilitating disease. 


Your support ensures our mission becomes a reality.  And our founder's memory, and her giving spirit, live on with each grant we fulfill and each mother we help.



supporting mothers

so they are able to focus on family,

not on finances

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AGSF Brand Elements-02.png
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