Years ago, a Davidson local mother, had an idea that her friends and family could make a real difference in a person’s life.  They were already making a difference in her life through  their care, support, and love after her diagnosis with ALS.


She asked these friends and family to support her idea. She knew that women out there who have been given devastating news might not have the support system that she had.  These women - these mothers living in our community - would need help to get them through the hardest times.  They would need financial support to help pay for rent, mortgage, electricity bills, medical equipment, and medical bills.  They would need us. We would need you. 


Six years ago, two local mothers were given financial assistance and were able to focus on their health and their families instead of the mounting bills.  And since then, 22 mothers have been given that same opportunity.  In six years, over $73,000 has helped these families do what Laura intended when she dreamt of this Foundation – focus on the family, focus on getting better, and have relief from the financial stress and burden that comes with a debilitating disease. 


AGSF will continue to support research organizations until there is a cure for ALS. Nearly $10,000 has gone directly to these organizations since 2008, including over $2,300 raised during the Shut Down for ALS challenge on May 18th and the amazing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that overtook the world this August.  Your support ensures that initial Mother's vision  - helping those who need it most - continues to be a reality.



supporting mothers

so they are able to focus on family,

not on finances



In January of 2014, a group of nine local middle and high school students, inspired by the work of A Giving Spirit Foundation, met to think of ways they could help raise money for this organization.  They hoped to raise $3000 their first year...boy, were they way off!  Over the past two years they have raised over $45,000 for AGSF through their two primary events, The Walk Around the Clock and the Jingle Jog.  Not only are these teens giving back, but they are also gaining vital exposure to the importance of philanthropy.  

To learn more about this group or to get your teen involved, visit their website.

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