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Mom and Daughter Forehead to Forehead
Marissa* lost her job just before being diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2022. She has Stage 1 and a good prognosis, but also found out through genetic testing that she has a mutation in one of her CHEK2 genes, which prompted more testing on her thyroid nodule (thankfully benign) that she has had since October 2022. It's been a full time job keeping up with the appointments and asking for assistance. Most places required a plan of action; and she didn't receive the plan until the beginning of January. Therefore, she hasn’t not been able to stay afloat. She has been unable to get a job due to having 2- 3 appointments per week and has been out of work since November and is out of funds to survive. She had a partial mastectomy this January. She cannot make her car payment, insurance or rent at this time. Marissa will begin radiation in approximately 4 weeks. She’s currently looking for a part time job that will help with the bills, but is also trying to take it easy so she can fully heal. So far, no extra funds have been provided. She did qualify for food assistance of $500 per month. That helps, but does not ease the burden of her other financial obligations.  She found out that cancer had spread and upgraded to Stage 1B which was more aggressive than anticipated. She finished her 3rd chemo infusion a few days ago. Her last one will be in May. Then she needs 6 weeks of radiation, but thankfully still a positive prognosis.

*names have been changed for privacy


“There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to A Giving Spirit Foundation! The generosity displayed towards my family is unmeasurable, and the speed in which they were able to send me the grant made a huge difference.  AGSF not only lessened our financial load, but made my heart smile during some of my darkest days. Thank you to everyone at AGSF!” 


"Oh my gosh thank you so very much you guys have just lifted such a weight off of our shoulders. We are so appreciative words can't even express please tell everyone there thank you so much for all that has been done for my family thank you, thank you, thank you. "


"I wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you’ve given me.  I can’t express in words the relief of stress that I feel.  To know that all my bills are caught up for a change and to be able to take care of other things that need to be, like clothes for my son.  Thank God for foundations like yours." 

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